The choice of wine (or wines) on which to place your private label is the first, if not the most important, step in the process in the construction of your product: the real soul of the project, that is, around which all else revolves, it is precisely the wine itself that can determine your commercial success.

But which is the right wine? Our experience has taught us that, to answer this question it is not enough to rely on statistics, rather, it would be more useful to start an in-depth study of the tastes and the eno-gastronomic traditions of the market which you intend to target.

In other words, it is a matter of initiating a cultural investigation aimed, not so much at investigating the trend of the market, as identifying the factors that determine what that market is, in such a way as to find your place in the market both rapidly and effectively.

Once you have identified the main characteristics that your wine must have (white/red/rosé; still/sparkling; dry/sweet, etc.) the selection process is executed with the proposal, by our consultants, of some products already available that may correspond, in whole or in part, to the needs of the new project: in this way you will be able to establish a solid starting point from which to take the next step of personalisation.

In fact, Tenute d’Italia is able to offer its customers the facility of tailoring each wine to their specific needs, taking advantage of an efficient collaborative network, built over years of working with producers carefully selected for quality and competence.

Through periodic sampling from the aging tanks, the oenologists of Tenute d'Italia monitor the evolution of the project from the cellar to the bottle, guaranteeing the customer the highest chemical and organoleptic quality of the finished product.

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