For an effective entry into the market place, the image of a product is undoubtedly a fundamental factor: direct, immediate, it is not only the first means of communication with your potential customers, but also a powerful calling card for your project, communicating at a single glance the target of consumers to whom it is addressed.

Attention to every detail is in this sense more than ever essential to ensure that each element of the framework works to bring a single, clear and consistent message.

In this too, Tenute d'Italia makes available to its customers an important portfolio of suppliers who are able to satisfy every specific need, from the choice of the bottle to the printing of a label, and it supports its customers throughout the entire development process, together finding the best practical and stylistic solutions.

The main aspects concerning the composition of the image of a wine, and on which Tenute d'Italia offers maximum elasticity of choice, are:

⁃ Choice of the type of bottle, finding the right combination of shape, colour and weight;

⁃ Selection of the most suitable form of closure among the many options offered on the market today, from the timeless 100% cork stopper to the increasingly sought-after screw cap.

⁃ Search for the most appropriate warranty seal to be affixed to your product, in compliance with current regulations: capsule, sealing wax, cage, etc.

⁃ Design and production of the label in all its aspects: from the design of the logo to the choice of paper, ink and any other integral parts in other materials (eg metallic foil)

⁃ Choice of packaging (box) for capacity and structure

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