One ever more essential aspect to be considered in the drafting of a private label project concerns the regulations that the final product must respect, both in the production phase and in the subsequent marketing of the product.

In fact, when defining the wine, it is essential at this stage to determine the name under which it is to fall: such a choice not only determines in part the chemical and organoleptic characteristics that the wine will have to comply with, but at the same time constitutes a further key element in the construction of your commercial project.

The first, and perhaps a very important, reason that makes this choice a crucial factor lies in the same logic that inspires the so-called pyramid of denominations, which makes the progressive approach to the summit correspond to an increase in the quality of the product. This correlation is sometimes a decisive factor in the orientation of consumption, generating at the same time precise expectations not only with regard to the wine, but also with regard to its packaging and, above all, the price.  The imagery stimulated by a denomination, especially if it is prestigious, can easily offer itself as a further, very useful tool for the promotion of your wine, facilitating its introduction into the market.

Our experience teaches us, however, that it is possible to take an equally profitable path by reversing our course towards the base of this pyramid, orienting ourselves towards a less high-sounding denomination in order to place at centre stage the wine itself in its most candid and down to earth essence.

All this shows how the possibilities of combining the multiple factors that contribute to the construction of a private label are almost endless, leaving ample space for inventiveness and - why not? - for giving rein to the imagination. Tenute d'Italia aims to accompany its customers in this exciting adventure, putting at their disposal all their resources to create unique, valid and effective commercial projects.

But not only that: the consultancy of Tenute d'Italia has, over the years, increasingly specialized in the logistic and administrative management of the finished product, to assist the customer in fulfilling all the beaurocratic formalities related to the marketing of his wine.

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