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Technical notes

Romagna D.O.C. Sangiovese Superiore
100% Sangiovese
Canale dei Molini
Clayey - Calcareous
Residual Sugar:
Ageing Process:
Stainless Steel Tank

Tasting notes

Each wine of the Canale dei Molini line derives its name from the original toponymy of the Imola water complex: in fact, Ilione appears in the list of over twenty mills that still stood on the banks of the majestic canal in the twentieth century.

Also called "di Lone", it took its name from the Porta d'Alone, the imposing entrance that allowed entry to the city for those who came from Bologna. Built in the thirteenth century in wood, the door was later fortified on the initiative of Taddeo Manfredi, lord of Imola, promoter of a significant strengthening of the city's defenses: thanks to the work of Guccio del mastro de’ Paolucci, in addition to the construction of a new stretch of wall, Porta Alone also abandoned the original wooden structure for a much more massive body in masonry.

With the passing of Imola to the Papal legation in 1504, Porta Alone quickly assumed an ever increasing importance, facing, as it did, Bologna, the second most important city of the Papal States. It represented a window of opportunity that projected a new, rich dimension not only political and economic, but also cultural; a passage through which the city faced and opened to the world.

Perhaps there is no better historical - and conceptual - reference by which a wine inaugurates the new route of our brand, still faithfully linked to the wine tradition of Imola, but at the same time more than ever inspired by the new production tendencies, more and more attentive to sustainability, health and quality.

Ilione is the result of a tenacious quest for excellence in every production phase, to offer the market something special, unique.

Ilione is first of all a Sangiovese, produced in purity with selected grapes to bring back into the glass all the typicality of this noble grape variety; its special organoleptic characteristics, in addition to the recognition of the Denomination of Controlled Origin, have also allowed it to boast the designation Superiore.

But not only that: the production chain from which Ilione is born, from the vineyards to the cellar, is certified organic, and as such respectful of precise management and control protocols.

Maximum care of the raw material, strict observance of the defense and production regulations, constant supervision by the control institutes: the Romagna D.O.C. Sangiovese Superiore Ilione therefore completes its appellation with the important indication of certified organic wine.

The peculiarities of Ilione, however, do not end here: the winemakers responsible for the project have in fact wanted to take a further step towards quality, with special attention to the health of consumers. In the course of the entire winemaking process, thanks to constant monitoring, it was possible to completely zero the use of sulphur dioxide, minimizing the sulphite content to the maximum extent possible in the final product.


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