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Technical notes

Sangiovese Toscana I.G.T.
100% Sangiovese
Tenuta del Principe
Medium Mixture
Residual Sugar:
Ageing Process:
From 10 to 12 months in oak casks


Tasting notes

With its extraordinary elegance, faithfully conforming to the style that has made Sangiovese one of the most famous wines in the world, Mensale offers its taster an exciting glimpse of the Tuscan oenological tradition. Born from the vineyards that stretch along the hills between Pisa and Florence, this wine embodies all the passion of our oenologists, fitting perfectly in the Tenuta del Principe project to enrich it.

A unique product, capable, even at first glance, of distinguishing itself for the perfect accuracy of every detail, including, outstandingly, the wax capsule made entirely by hand.

In the glass the splendor of Mensale opens up to the senses, inebriating them with the most typical notes of the Sangiovese vine - blackberry, blueberry, ripe plum and violet - skilfully harmonized by the tertiary aromas ceded by the aging in wood. The excellent body, characterized by a pleasant softness and a significant alcohol support, is perfectly balanced by the lively tannin - another typical characteristic of the vine - and by a vibrant freshness

The complex and inviting organoleptic profile of Mensale certainly stimulates the imagination in search of the perfect companion to be proposed at table: if the first thought certainly goes to the meats - roast veal or pork, guinea fowl with sage and sweet-sour lamb - not to be underestimated is the alternative pairing with cheeses, preferably medium aged, or with fish-based soups.

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