Stella del Sud

"Without Sicily, Italy Creates No Image In The Soul: for Sicily is the key to everything. The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the yielding interchangeability of the colours, the harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea with the earth... whoever has seen her one single time, will possess her for all of his life.

This is what Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe wrote to immortalise the fiery and impetuous beauty that today still blazes in the centre of the Mediterranean.

An ancient Region, proud of her own history and her own traditions on which a tenacious identity is based and reinforced, even today Sicily represents a vital step for whoever wants to really understand Italy.

When we first mulled over the project that would in time become a reality under the name Tenute d’Italia, one of the challenges that we set ourselves was precisely that of translating the experience of a complex and multifaceted reality such as Italy through a selection of products that offer themselves as honest interpreters of their own land of origin.

The wines in the Tenute d’Italia catalogue, like the many diverse instruments that make up an orchestra, contribute to offering our customers the prodigious symphony of Italian tradition, a harmony of passion, tradition and strong cultural identity.

The work of constant research and improvement of our catalogue of products has been aimed at integrating this splendid Sicily into our little orchestra. It makes its debut at Tenute d’Italia with the wines of the new line Stella del Sud.

Full-bodied, passionate wines, able to tell of the richness of their land and in whose reflections sparkle the rays of the Sicilian sun.


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