Cantina Trexenta

Cantina TrexentaSardinia

The courage and love for grape cultivation are common traits of the Sardinian people. Sardinia hasalways been a land of grapevines and wine. The first traces date back to the Phoenician era and havebeen historically reported between the XI – VII Centuries BC.Ancient origins that have left a deep mark in the skills of the Trexenta wine growers. Knowledgeand experience in the culture of the vine, that has been handed down from father to son togetherwith a careful selection of grapes to guarantee best of our land.

Land of great wine tradition, Trexenta is doted with soft rolling hills, accompanied by gentle slopesextending into the northern part of the Cagliari Province. Exceptionally suited to grapevine growingand characterized by lands composed of limestone, sandstone and volcanic material.How much more suitable for this culture, mother of the "Nectar of the Gods". An area untouchedand unspoiled, sparsely populated, jealously and fiercely guarded by the people of this area sounique in Sardinia.A pearl island of the Mediterranean, kissed by the sun and by a generous climate that knows how tocradle and caress the vines and its grapes. A unique microclimate of stable temperatures and acontinuous presence of the wind which contribute to making the vineyards that creep into this landnaturally healthy.


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