Curatolo Arini

Curatolo AriniSicily

In 1875, Vito Curatolo decided to create a wine company in the middle of his vineyards.
He turned the ‘Baglio’, a gathering place for the family, into his own winery, and he started to produce his beloved Marsala. Vito was an innovator and he had a clear idea: extreme care of the quality of his product, development of foreign markets and utmost attention to the packaging.
In the 1970s, supported by wine experts from California, we started to produce table wines.
In the 1990s, with the help of Alberto Antonini, we launched our selection of varietal wines, with the aim to express in a modern way all the features that make our territory unique.
Today, after nearly 150 years, we carry on Vito’s dream with courage and pride..


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