A family brought together not just by a name, but one that shares values and perspectives. We were born and grew up here, in Montalcino, not just a land, but the land we consider home. That’s why everything that we do and we will do, is and will always be based on respect for our surroundings. A willingness to improve things and improve ourselves that doesn’t just seek to merely overcome old, antiquated ideas, but that belongs to the broadest meaning of technical and cultural evolution, which allowed us and the whole territory of Montalcino to broaden our horizons, learning everything that there was to learn, so as to become a reference point in the global oenological sector. We were blessed by these improvements and we want to continue on this path, in order to become witnesses but also active participants to that very innovation we’d been looking for so strongly, always making everyone’s best interest and the community’s well-being our starting point.


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