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Technical notes

Sangiovese Rubicone I.G.T.
85% Sangiovese - 15% Malbo Gentile
Conte Zardi
Medium Mixture
Residual Sugar:
Ageing Process:


Tasting notes

Before technology revolutionised the agricultural world by introducing modern machinery, to help man in working the land were the animals: cows, oxen and horses lent themselves as irreplaceable drawers of wagons and ploughs, contributing significantly to the development of agriculture and, consequently, to the sustenance of man and the development of civilisation.

Coupling  the animals to the implements were the so-called yokes, a heavy piece of wood that, placed over the back of the animals thus taking advantage of their power for pulling: this allowed no lateral movement and sometimes included what was to all effects a rudder that was used to direct its progress.

In order to secure the rudder to the yoke, a long wooden peg was initially used, but, given the easy wear of the material, it was soon replaced by a much more sturdy metal rod: the caveja.

Despite being a rudimentary and often roughly-made instrument, the caveja soon became a very important decorative-allegorical element in the context of the rural culture of Romagna, so much so that it became itself a symbol. It was indeed used in specific rituals, such as, for example, to determine the sex of the unborn, to prevent the arrival of a storm, to protect the harvest, for propitiatory purposes in the homes of newlyweds, to free those who were bound by a spell, to attract and capture bees. In addition, during the Holy Week, the caveja rings were tied to prevent jingling, as was the case for church bells, from Thursday until Holy Saturday.

The decision to assign a very evocative name to this Sangiovese is obviously not casual: Caveja offers its taster the opportunity to experience the true history and tradition of Romagna through the senses, becoming part of it. In this Sangiovese wine, its mellow intensity is perfectly balanced in the encounter with the almost unique aromatic notes of two extraordinary native vines: the Malbo Gentile, with its great structure and well-evolved fruity notes, and the Centesimino, also known as Red Sauvignon, and characterised by a pleasing acidity and a considerable aromatic persistence.

The result obtained is a triumph of perfumes and flavours, in which the fruity notes emerge in all their succulence, supported by an intriguing spicy note of pepper and cloves. Full, warm and gently tannic, Caveja offers itself as a perfect companion for lunches and dinners under the banner of Romagnol tradition, in which the home-made egg pasta, the red meats and the sliced savoury meats reign supreme, but above all that, the warmth of family and friends


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